As If Public Relations Wasn’t Already Shady Enough, Now There’s ‘Black PR’

Buzzfeed News offers up an exposé of something called “Black PR” in its investigative piece, “Disinformation For Hire: How A New Breed Of PR Firms Is Selling Lies Online.”

The subhead is actually chilling: “One firm promised to ‘use every tool and take every advantage available in order to change reality according to our client’s wishes.'”

Look, public relations is a cynical business, but the people quoted in this article are like supervillains of cynicism — unembarrassed and even proud … Read the rest

ASTA and Costco Compete for PR

Photo by from Pexels

Last week the “Today” show aired a segment about how to save money when booking a spring break getaway. The secret? Book through Costco Travel, a membership club that charges $55 per year to consumers for the privilege of shopping for commodities at a Costco warehouse store or buying travel products online at the Costco Travel website.

The reporter booked a Fairmont Inn stay in Sonoma Valley, California, and an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, … Read the rest

Measuring Brand Perception and the Effect of PR

NewmanPR’s Buck Banks was interviewed for this article written by Jenna Seter for Clutch, which provides third-party evaluations for agencies that provide professional services. It’s an interesting study of the intersection of brand perception and public relations. Also, it explores how brands sometimes are their own worst enemies. 

From the article:

In an age where anyone can voice an opinion about a company with a quick message, post, or tweet, the perception of a brand can change at a very … Read the rest

NewmanPR Advances in South Florida Business Journal Annual Book of Lists


The annual “Book of Lists” edition of the South Florida Business Journal was published this week. In the list of 23 South Florida public relations agencies, NewmanPR came in at number 14, up two places from the 2016 edition, when we ranked 16th.

Since the introduction of the annual “Book of Lists” in 2006, when we ranked 19th out of 26, our agency has fluctuated around the middle of the list, as billings fluctuate year to year as business comes … Read the rest

Practicing PR Will Be Harder in This Post-Truth Era

“What people believe prevails over the truth.”
— Sophocles, from “Sons of Aleus”

We now have slid from “truthiness,” Stephen Colbert’s funny little noun that means “the quality of seeming to be true according to one’s intuition, opinion or perception without regard to logic, factual evidence or the like,” a short distance down a very slippery slope to “post-truth.” The Oxford English Dictionary has selected “post-truth” as its <a href=”″>word of the year</a>. It is defined as an adjective relating … Read the rest

Clutch Names NewmanPR a Leading U.S. Public Relations Agency


Clutch recently released a report on leading U.S. public relations  firms for 2016, and NewmanPR was ranked among the 14 select agencies. The PR agencies were each evaluated based on their level of focus on PR and firsthand client feedback about their quality of service.

Clutch analysts spoke to the companies’ past and current clients to assess their approach to crisis management, strategy development and media exposure. The quantitative aspect of the research process is the Clutch Leaders Matrix methodology, … Read the rest

Cuba Tourism Returns to the Spotlight

With the recent historic meeting of presidents Barrack Obama and Raul Castro as a catalyst, the escalation of U.S. visitors to Cuba seems like it will happen sooner rather than later. That, in turn, could preface the possible return to the island of American resort operators retracing the footsteps of those who thrived there in the pre-Castro days.

In that era, a trip to Havana could be as casual as an overnight excursion on a 50-minute flight departing Miami International … Read the rest

Be Careful of the Noise You Make

With so many social media outlets constantly streaming through our consciousness it becomes increasingly important to take care in choosing your voice and volume. We can schedule tweets and blog posts and measure metrics, but as we find ways to quantify our impressions are we considering their quality?

Last week as the day came to a close I sat, relaxed and scrolled through Facebook. There was a lot of boring news and mundane updates. There were also a lot of … Read the rest

The Caution Race

A “caution race” currently is underway in the cruise line public relations practice.

It started with the political unrest in Egypt a couple of years back when cruise lines in media statements canceled port calls at potentially unstable destinations “as a precaution.”

Over the past year, however, the caution race has escalated, with cruise lines canceling calls or taking ships out of service in “an abundance of caution.”

Most recently I read a cruise line statement regarding an itinerary-change decision … Read the rest

No Aspirin for PR Headaches

At one point in an old Bob Newhart comedy bit on “Abraham Lincoln and his Press Agent,” the publicist, upon learning that Lincoln had conducted a press conference without consulting him, groaned “Abe, how many times must I remind you, don’t talk to those newspaper guys when I’m not along.”

Sometimes it does not matter even if the PR consultant is in attendance.

After finishing my Air Force navigator missions in World War II, I was assigned as public relations … Read the rest