NewmanPR Advances in South Florida Business Journal Annual Book of Lists


The annual “Book of Lists” edition of the South Florida Business Journal was published this week. In the list of 23 South Florida public relations agencies, NewmanPR came in at number 14, up two places from the 2016 edition, when we ranked 16th.

Since the introduction of the annual “Book of Lists” in 2006, when we ranked 19th out of 26, our agency has fluctuated around the middle of the list, as billings fluctuate year to year as business comes … Read the rest

Stuart Newman’s Report on a Trip to China for SATW


At the December 2016 Monroe County Tourist Development meeting, Stuart Newman, chairman and founder of NewmanPR, gave a report on his recent trip to China to attend the annual convention of the Society of American Travel Writers.

The eminent Chinese philosopher Confucius said: “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.” I thought I had a pretty good idea about what to expect on my recent trip to China, but I found out that my ignorance far outweighed Read the rest

Today is the Conch Republic’s 35th Birthday

Knowing your history sometimes can pay off in public relations.

Although 35 years have passed, the mock “secession” — and resulting founding of Key West’s “Conch Republic” — remains a classic example of turning a potential disaster into an opportunity.

When the U.S. Border Patrol established a surprise roadblock on U.S. Highway 1 at the entrance to the Florida Keys, trapping tourists as well as drug runners and alien smugglers, Keys tourism and government officials went ballistic.

Key West had … Read the rest

Cuba Tourism Returns to the Spotlight

With the recent historic meeting of presidents Barrack Obama and Raul Castro as a catalyst, the escalation of U.S. visitors to Cuba seems like it will happen sooner rather than later. That, in turn, could preface the possible return to the island of American resort operators retracing the footsteps of those who thrived there in the pre-Castro days.

In that era, a trip to Havana could be as casual as an overnight excursion on a 50-minute flight departing Miami International … Read the rest

When It Comes to Clients, There’s Cheap … and Cheaper

Piggy Bank Recession.
During our early agency years in the post-war 1940s and ’50s, among the most sought-after South Florida clients were Miami Beach hotels.

The Ritz Carltons, Hyatts and Hiltons were decades in the future, rather, the resorts were operated by investors who had acquired their capital in other fields, but were drawn to the glamor of oceanfront hotels.

One of the most colorful of these was the late Sam E. Cohen, who, with his family, built and operated the oceanfront Sherry … Read the rest

No Aspirin for PR Headaches

At one point in an old Bob Newhart comedy bit on “Abraham Lincoln and his Press Agent,” the publicist, upon learning that Lincoln had conducted a press conference without consulting him, groaned “Abe, how many times must I remind you, don’t talk to those newspaper guys when I’m not along.”

Sometimes it does not matter even if the PR consultant is in attendance.

After finishing my Air Force navigator missions in World War II, I was assigned as public relations … Read the rest

The Politics of Political PR

Barack Obama’s deployment of social media charted a sea change for political campaigns in its departure from the past half-century’s preoccupation with television and radio and the even earlier candidates’ dependency upon print advertising and direct mail.

Today NewmanPR clients are almost exclusively within the hospitality arena — mainly destination and maritime industries. However, in prior years local, state and even national political candidates were a significant factor in our business model.

In my third year I set a record … Read the rest

Sometimes the Clowns Indeed Are Already Here

In Sondheim’s signature song from “A Little Night Music,” the singer reflectively adds to the lyrics “Send in the clowns … don’t bother they’re here.” I can identify with that each time I glance at the vintage Russell Brothers Circus poster on my wall.

It’s a reminder of one of the missed opportunities of earlier years in Fort Lauderdale where, for a time, my father operated the only shoe store. In the pre–World War II days, before air conditioning, Fort … Read the rest

When NOT to Hire a PR Firm

PR Newser had an interesting post today in response to an Inc. magazine article that ran earlier this week. We pretty much agree with PR Newser’s take on the article.

However, a recent experience with a client brings up another reason why not to hire a PR firm — lack of a commitment to establish a clear and consistent line of communication between client and agency. If a client is hard to reach or simply doesn’t think of informing the … Read the rest

What Does Jonah Lehrer’s Fall Mean for Travel Writing?

The recent fall of Jonah Lehrer from the heights of the New Yorker magazine for plagiarism has provided fodder for any number of journalism watchers and pundits lamenting the state of the Fourth Estate these days.

Tom Fiedler, dean of Boston University’s College of Communication, took a position one might expect from a Pulitzer-winning former newspaper reporter and editor: Lehrer didn’t know how to “do journalism.” But as I read Fiedler’s column, something struck me that resonates for travel writing … Read the rest