NewmanPR’s Buck Banks was interviewed for this article written by Jenna Seter for Clutch, which provides third-party evaluations for agencies that provide professional services. It’s an interesting study of the intersection of brand perception and public relations. Also, it explores how brands sometimes are their own worst enemies. 

From the article:

In an age where anyone can voice an opinion about a company with a quick message, post, or tweet, the perception of a brand can change at a very rapid pace. Companies of every variety are now beholden to consumers who can swiftly change their opinions of a brand in response to that brand’s marketing campaign, political stance, or recent news event. More often than not, these perceptions are influenced for the worse, significantly impacting a brands’ ability to succeed.

To explore how this new media landscape and how the news about a company can affect consumer behavior, Clutch surveyed 1,000 consumers in the US to evaluate the way they use media, how they make purchase decisions, and how the latest press coverage of top-name brands impacts their perception of those companies.

To read the whole article, click here.

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