Clutch recently released a report on leading U.S. public relations  firms for 2016, and NewmanPR was ranked among the 14 select agencies. The PR agencies were each evaluated based on their level of focus on PR and firsthand client feedback about their quality of service.

Clutch analysts spoke to the companies’ past and current clients to assess their approach to crisis management, strategy development and media exposure. The quantitative aspect of the research process is the Clutch Leaders Matrix methodology, a long-standing algorithm that maps each firm’s focus on public relations against their proven ability to deliver quality results to clients.

“To have a solid PR strategy is a crucial element to any company’s success in their industry,” said Jenna Seter, business analyst at Clutch. “Strong PR agencies, like the ones featured in our report, have a really great opportunity to capitalize on the growing need for strategy development on all different media platforms.”

Full-length profiles and client interviews are published on Clutch.co. Clutch’s research on the public relations industry is ongoing, and the ratings platform encourages interested companies to apply to be included in future coverage. The full research can be found here.

Clutch is a business-to-business ratings and reviews firm located in Washington, D.C.

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