Grab Attention Like ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Part 2: The Unexpected

This is the second of six articles in the “Six PR Tactics that Grab Attention Like ‘Orange is the New Black’” series.

Today’s post discusses how the hit Netflix show nailed the element of the unexpected and how you can use this element to inspire a winning idea to sell your product or service.

Time and time again we see the same things on television. How many times have you met the hyper-sexualized woman followed by conventional, heterosexual romance? … Read the rest

Grab Attention Like ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Part 1: Simplicity

After patiently waiting for a year, “Orange Is The New Black” fans all over the world are gobbling up the third season in a matter of days. But what makes this show so irresistibly addicting?


As discussed in a previous blog post, there are six key elements of a winning communications campaign: Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional and Stories.

This post examines the element of simplicity, how it contributes to the hype surrounding OITNB and how you can use … Read the rest

Six PR Tactics that Grab Attention Like ‘Orange is the New Black’


“Orange is the New Black” is back.

The third season of the hit Netflix original series was released surprisingly early, and fans across the world are currently rearranging their schedules to squeeze in as much binge watching time as possible.

For a show exclusively available to Netflix subscribers, it’s remarkable how much recognition and widespread popularity OITNB has received after just two seasons. While there is no way to know actual viewership (as Netflix doesn’t release those numbers), we … Read the rest

McBride Sings for Carnival

Carnival Cruise Line, Texas’ number-one cruise operator, marked the arrival of Carnival Freedom at its new year-round homeport of Galveston with a celebration honoring U.S. military personnel and their families.

In partnership with Operation Homefront, a national nonprofit organization that supports military families, service members and their families were treated to an overnight event featuring a variety of daytime activities, including an exclusive outdoor Carnival LIVE performance by country music superstar Martina McBride, along with dinner and a full evening … Read the rest

A Graduate’s Journey Into the ‘Real World’

As my December college graduation approached, my excitement about what was to come increased, as did my worries of finding employment post-graduation.  Reading countless stories on job-hunting nightmares during a recession, not only from recent college graduates but also from seasoned and qualified candidates, was enough to put knots in my stomach.

I spent my last year of college immersed in my course work and tried to gain as much public relations experience from interning as possible, which, lets face … Read the rest

What’s the ‘Real World’ Really Like for Recent Grads?

Throughout college, students are constantly being told to prepare for the “real world.” Learn this because you’ll use it in the “real world,” in the “real world” you’ll have to do this, in the “real world” you’ll have to do that, in the “real world” you’ll have bills, etc., etc. etc. … But what’s the “real world” really like for most recent grads?

For some lucky ones, you’ll move off to some fancy high-paying job with flexible hours and lots … Read the rest

A Medical Emergency at Sea Expertly Handled

Photos by Andy Newman

It was my final day at sea aboard Carnival Inspiration earlier this week and I was busy shooting a series of editorial pictures of the ship’s new WaterWorks, a sprawling water theme park–like complex that occupies much of the aft deck.

I saw several of the ship’s security guards quietly speaking to guests and watched as the guests packed up their belongings and left the area. I asked one of the guards why they had … Read the rest