Why Twitter Is Important to P.R. Pros — It’s Where Journalists Are!

Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein observes that, despite Facebook’s unassailable dominance in social media, Twitter remains the social media platform of choice for journalists. To get an idea of how journalists use Twitter, check out MuckRack, where not only will you find some interesting stuff, you’ll also be reminded that journalists are the smartest and funniest people around.

But back to Klein, who makes some solid points about why journalists are drawn to Twitter on his Wonkblog site:… Read the rest

AP Stylebook a Window on the News

I subscribe to the Associated Press Stylebook online. For $20 a year, you can’t beat it for an instantly accessible, continually updated resource. And they send out periodic email updates with new items, clarifications and pronunciation guides that constitute a kind of meta look back at recent headlines, politics and trends. Here are some true-to-type examples from today’s update.

If enough reporters repeatedly make grammatical mistakes that drive editors crazy, it merits an entry: a, an — The update adds Read the rest