The Public Relations Role Will Expand in the Age of Hybrid Events

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Conferences, conventions and exhibitions have always required a full-spectrum public relations program to achieve success. A robust PR plan can generate earned media coverage, which in turn can drive attendance by both exhibitors and delegates and, importantly, journalists.

In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, large-scale business gatherings are evolving into “hybrid events” — a tradeshow, conference, seminar, workshop or other meeting that combines a “live” in-person experience with a “virtual” online component.

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Key West’s Fantasy Fest to Bring Apocalyptic Revelry Oct. 19-28

KEY WEST, Florida Keys — The “end of time” is party time in Key West when Fantasy Fest 2012 takes a lighthearted look at the ancient apocalypse prophecy stating the world will end in December 2012. The outrageous annual masking and costuming festival, set for Oct. 19-28 and themed “A-Conch-Alypse,” features 10 days of revelry on the subtropical island whose natives are called “conchs.”

More than 40 masquerade balls, costume contests and celebrations are scheduled, culminating in a decadent grand … Read the rest

Divers Can Net Cash and Prizes for Bagging Lionfish

FLORIDA KEYS — Divers planning trips to enjoy the Florida Keys’ living coral barrier reef also can help protect it and give back to the environment by capturing and removing non-native lionfish from Keys waters while vacationing.

A partnership forged between the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, Reef Environmental Education Foundation and the dive community has created hands-on, focused opportunities for Keys visitors who enjoy the island chain’s natural resources to take action and remove lionfish. The popular aquarium fish … Read the rest

Late Summer Full Moons to Cue Spawning on Keys Coral Reefs

FLORIDA KEYS — Divers and snorkelers have an opportunity to witness a fascinating annual phenomenon among coral reefs as boulder and branching corals release millions of gametes in synchronized mass-spawning rituals.

Sparked by the August and September full moons, the rare and wondrous underwater exchange of gametes (eggs and sperm) means the continued survival of coral reefs including brain and star corals and the protected elkhorn and staghorn corals. 

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