Be Careful of the Noise You Make

With so many social media outlets constantly streaming through our consciousness it becomes increasingly important to take care in choosing your voice and volume. We can schedule tweets and blog posts and measure metrics, but as we find ways to quantify our impressions are we considering their quality?

Last week as the day came to a close I sat, relaxed and scrolled through Facebook. There was a lot of boring news and mundane updates. There were also a lot of … Read the rest

The Credibility Crisis

I was reading an article on Econsultancy today that purported to be a helpful piece on “Five Questions Your Corporate Blog Should Answer.” There was nothing terribly wrong with the article — it was just another in a seemingly endless series of banal advice posts that reminds one of things one already knows, which serves a kind of purpose, I suppose. What got my attention was this: “Varying your subject expands your credibility and increases your chances of gaining social … Read the rest

The Perils of the Press Kit

We are in the process of updating the Florida Keys and Key West tourism council press kit. OK, you say, so what?

Well, it’s no small feat, as it consists of about 40 press releases clocking in at more than 100 pages. Indeed, we only update it every couple of years since it’s such a monumental task.

The task has gotten me to thinking about whether it makes sense to even have a traditional press kit for journalists. We no … Read the rest

PR Should Not Fear ‘New Journalism’ Model

I read a short blog post by Lewis Dvorkin of Forbes about how they are developing a comprehensive digital content-management system for the magazine. I was struck by the following passage, which concisely describes the “new journalism” that is becoming the way of the news-publishing world:

With all that, I find myself transfixed by the emerging talents of a new breed of digital journalist, reporter, writer, blogger — or whatever label you choose to attach to knowledgeable content creators in

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Can We Bridge the Skepticism/Gullibility Gap?

A recent Harris Interactive survey found some profound differences in how younger people and older people respond to the perceived veracity of advertising — one group tends to believe it and one group doesn’t. Care to guess?

If you said that 90 percent of U.S. adults 18-34 years old believed advertising tells the truth at least some of the time, you’d be correct. By contrast, 86 percent of those 35-44 say they believe ads are truthful at least some of … Read the rest

Blogs Expected to Remain Relevant

With the rise of Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites, it might be tempting to rethink the time, energy and resources you devote to your corporate blog. But according to a new study by eMarketer, you would be making a mistake to do so:

eMarketer estimates that this year more than half of internet users will read blogs at least monthly. By 2014, readership will rise to more than 150 million Americans, or 60% of the internet population

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NewmanPR Debuts ‘Travel Buzz’ Newsletter

We’ve started publishing a daily (mostly) travel newsletter that is a roundup of headlines from across the globe. We try to be relevant (OK, except for the Paris Hilton story today), timely and we stay away from cruise news, which we cover in another branded e-mail newsletter.

Check out “Travel Buzz” here.

If you like what you see and want to subscribe, send me an e-mail at and I’ll add you to the list.

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Dismal Tale of the Tiger Nothing New in PR


When the ongoing tale of Tiger Woods’ misdeeds began its media circus, the avalanche brought back memories of other misguided efforts to dodge negative news coverage.

My last seven months of U.S. Air Force service, after my WWII combat flying career, were as a military public relations officer. Just days after reporting as PRO for Bowman Field at Louisville, Ky., I was awakened at 2 a.m. with instructions to report immediately to the base commanding officer.

The CO informed me … Read the rest

The Press Release Ain’t Dead — Yet


With the proliferation of social media and its concurrent appearance a couple of years ago of the “social media press release,” it would seem the traditional press release is bound for the proverbial circular file. When you consider the rapid decline in newspapers and magazines, one wonders if there’s even anyone out there to send a release.

A recent survey by Ragan Communications and PollStream found that most PR practitioners are not ready to give up the old standby yet:… Read the rest