Be Careful of the Noise You Make

With so many social media outlets constantly streaming through our consciousness it becomes increasingly important to take care in choosing your voice and volume. We can schedule tweets and blog posts and measure metrics, but as we find ways to quantify our impressions are we considering their quality?

Last week as the day came to a close I sat, relaxed and scrolled through Facebook. There was a lot of boring news and mundane updates. There were also a lot of … Read the rest

PR Should Not Fear ‘New Journalism’ Model

I read a short blog post by Lewis Dvorkin of Forbes about how they are developing a comprehensive digital content-management system for the magazine. I was struck by the following passage, which concisely describes the “new journalism” that is becoming the way of the news-publishing world:

With all that, I find myself transfixed by the emerging talents of a new breed of digital journalist, reporter, writer, blogger — or whatever label you choose to attach to knowledgeable content creators in

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Dismal Tale of the Tiger Nothing New in PR


When the ongoing tale of Tiger Woods’ misdeeds began its media circus, the avalanche brought back memories of other misguided efforts to dodge negative news coverage.

My last seven months of U.S. Air Force service, after my WWII combat flying career, were as a military public relations officer. Just days after reporting as PRO for Bowman Field at Louisville, Ky., I was awakened at 2 a.m. with instructions to report immediately to the base commanding officer.

The CO informed me … Read the rest

Online Ethics: Beware the Fake Blogger Blogging About Counterfeiting

It’s not the first, and it likely will not be the last time a corporation breaks the unwritten rules of blogging to make the medium serve its business ends. But this time, it involves a multinational corporation (Coach), a trade group (International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition), an institution of higher learning (Hunter College), a class in public relations and a nonexistent student (Heidi Cee) in a conspiracy to further the IACC’s battle against fake Coach bags.


Adweek covered the details, but the … Read the rest

What’s Ahead for PR in 2008?

crystal-ball.jpgAt the start of the new year, we thought it might be interesting to see what some of our PR colleagues think will happen in the public relations industry in 2008. So we sent out a query on ProfNet and received some interesting prognostications.

One of the more far-out predictions came from Tina Kicklighter, vice president of public relations for the Robin Shepherd Group:

One of the major trends driving the public relations industry in 2008 will be virtual worlds.

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Defining Public Relations

While some of the nation’s most gifted communicators are numbered among North America’s public relations ranks, there’s a common lack of consensus as far as defining their profession.

Shortly after opening my office in 1946 I visited my grandmother who was vacationing at a Miami Beach hotel. I was introduced to a number of her contemporaries, one of whom, after my departure, asked “Well, you have a lovely grandson but what does he do?”

“He’s in public relations,” my grandmother … Read the rest