NewmanPR Stops Domain Squatter from Cashing in on Hurricane Irma

On Monday morning, Sept. 11, I received the call. The day before, Category 4 Hurricane Irma had passed directly over the Lower Florida Keys, sideswiping South Florida and sweeping up the state.

I was loading our car – we had evacuated Miami to a Fort Lauderdale hotel – to head home to see what mischief Irma had wrought.

Andy Newman of our agency and Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi were on the line. Roman wanted NewmanPR – which has represented … Read the rest

After Irma, Florida Keys to Reopen to Visitors Oct. 1

KEY WEST, Florida Keys — After the Florida Keys were impacted by Hurricane Irma Sept. 10, local government officials announced Monday that the island chain would reopen to visitors Sunday, Oct. 1.

While Key Largo and Key West were least impacted by the Category 4 storm, not all lodging, including RV resorts and other tourism facilities throughout the Keys, are operating on a normal basis. Potential visitors should call ahead to ensure hotels and their favorite attractions are open. Some … Read the rest