PR Can Become a Zoo


Creative public relations can draw upon many resources and I can recall at least two instances when a bear and an elephant generated headlines in publicizing an event.

At a Miami Beach sports and travel show in the late 1960s, in addition to golf and fly-casting demonstrations, and personal appearances by former Cleveland Indians star pitcher Bob Feller, a dancing bear named Rosie attracted considerable attention with her terpsichorean talents.

A Miami Herald city editor accepted my suggestion for an … Read the rest

It’s a Crazy Business — And So Are Some Clients!

During the early days of our practice, we experienced our share of bizarre wannabe clients.

Especially memorable was the elderly French lady, claiming to be a colleague of the late Madame Eve Curie, who asked us to publicize her food-synthesizing talents which included, among other forms of culinary alchemy, converting carrots into orange marmalade and beets into chicken liver. She was an excellent cook, but failed chemistry 101.

Another, this time a French man, but equally certifiable, desired to retain … Read the rest