How Not to Get a Job in Public Relations #3: The LinkedIn Connection

I will admit it took me a while to warm up to LinkedIn. I was an early adopter, but I didn’t really grok what the social media platform was all about.

In its early days, I don’t think LinkedIn was too sure of itself either, for that matter.

I had a routine: every Friday afternoon before shutting down the computer and heading home for the weekend, I would devote 10 minutes to expanding my network — thematically. One week the … Read the rest

Trying to Connect with Me on LinkedIn Won’t Get You Hired

It’s happened again — that special moment of social media awkwardness when someone who has applied for a job with NewmanPR invites me to connect on LinkedIn.

It must be similar to how Anne B. felt in seventh grade when I, through an intermediary, offered my ID bracelet as a symbol of my deep regard for her. She returned it — through an intermediary — so I know what those of you who have tried to connect with a potential … Read the rest