Today Google’s new privacy policy goes into effect, and some folks are looking askance at the company’s attempt to bundle all of its services together under one information-sharing policy. I love Google, and I love the fact that once you’ve signed in, you can effortlessly glide between google products.

What I don’t love about Google is its tendency to try to market to me based on my online behavior. That means if I use Google to perform a search, Google will tailor my search results based on previous searches and its advertising. In other words, it just shows me what it thinks I want to see (or what its advertisers want me to see), which limits my experience of the Web.

So, while I use Gmail, YouTube, Google Analytics and Google Documents, I don’t use Google for Web searches. I use Microsoft’s Bing instead as my default browser.

When Bing first came out, it was a joke, like most Microsoft products. But it has gotten much better and faster. Is it perfect? No. So I still use Zuula and Ixquick and other meta search engines in addition to Bing. These resources feature Google results, but there’s a layer of anonymity between me and Google when I use a meta search engine that gives me some cover from the Big G.

So I’m OK with Google’s new privacy policy, and I’m pretty sure I’m seeing more of the Web than Google wants me to when I search for stuff, and I’m OK with that, too.

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