KEY WEST, Florida Keys — Contemporary visitors can discover and experience Key West’s multifaceted history via the Key West Historic Marker Tour recently debuted by a local historian. Historic sites can be explored individually through free cell-phone tours or downloads from

The tours include sites and properties bearing Key West Historic Marker plaques that highlight their place in island history. The sites were selected based on historian Bruce Neff’s expert research into their significance.

More than 50 sites have been commemorated with markers to date and more are planned. They memorialize aspects of Key West’s colorful past including the cigar industry, literary community, Cuban heritage, Oversea Railway, early wrecking and shipwreck salvage industries, and military history.

Sites range from former cigar factories and the home of philosopher John Dewey to Key West’s Oldest House and the Southernmost House in the continental United States.

History buffs can see and learn about the locations at Website features include comprehensive collections of cigar box art and labels from the island’s once-flourishing cigar industry, and 500 historic postcards.

Key West visitors can access the free phone tour by dialing 305-507-0300, and use its guidance and narration to discover the commemorated locations at their own pace.

The website, downloads and phone tour also provide valuable resource material for historians, teachers and others seeking information about Key West’s unique history and architecture.

Tour information: or 305-731-0804

Key West visitor information: or 1-800-LAST-KEY

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