Anybody who does it will tell you, blogging is time consuming. We’re managing a blog for a client (Eurodam News Blog) and cranking up this one on our Web site, and sometimes coming up with compelling, pertinent content is difficult.

But it must be ever so much harder for the bloggers covering the presidential campaign. We’re just less than a year away from the elections, and generating something interesting and different in a race in both parties where, aside from poll numbers, hairstyles and accents, there’s not a whole lot of new or different going on.

Gary Trudeau captured that sentiment perfectly in his Doonesbury cartoon strip last Sunday, shown below.

“I wasn’t picking on anyone or any blog in particular,” replied Trudeau, when contacted by Editor & Publisher. “I was just commenting on how many journalists seem to be pulling double-duty now — and wondering what the impact is on quality.”

Hmm, posting a blog post about a cartoon about a blogger who has nothing to post … too self-referential?