Eurodam News Blog was recognized by the Society of American Travel Writers at its convention in Houston on Saturday with a bronze Cushman award for best publicity campaign for a single entity or national brand. Whoo-hoo!
NewmanPR has run the blog since June 2007, generating and managing content, handling questions and comments.

Along with honoring excellence, integrity and best practices, the Aaron D. Cushman Travel Public Relations Award recognizes travel PR professionals who excel in their fields by being imaginative, creative and responsive.

Each year SATW presents gold, silver and bronze awards to those who have implemented PR programs and campaigns that have stimulated tourism, educated consumers and supported the community.

The award is named in honor of Aaron D. Cushman who has been a member of SATW for more than 40 years and has held positions on most committees, served as chair of the Associates Council and member of the board of directors, received three Presidents Plates and was named a Marco Polo, which is the highest honor the Society of American Travel Writers bestows.

Now in its 52nd year, SATW is a professional association representing more than 1,300 journalists, photographers and media relations professionals in North America. Members include writers, photographers, editors, electronic media and journalists, film lecturers, broadcast/video/film producers and public relations representatives.

SATW works to raise the standards of the profession, guards the right of freedom to travel and encourages conservation and preservation of historic sites and natural wonders.